Rockcliff Energy’s Virtual Food Drive

Organized by Rockcliff Energy on behalf of the East Texas Food Bank

Our Goal

$3,120 of $17,500

On any given day, many Americans struggle to put food on the table.  The COVID-19 situation has continued to put pressure on area food banks.

The East Texas Food Bank and the Houston Food Bank are both great organizations supporting their communities with much-needed food.

Rockcliff is blessed with its team and its assets and would like to support the communities where our employees live.  Rockcliff will once again sponsor a fundraiser to benefit the Houston Food Bank and the East Texas Food Bank.  The fundraiser will run from November 1st through November 30th, 2021.  These funds will be put to good use during the holidays so very timely time to run this campaign.

Funds from this virtual food drive will benefit the East Texas Food Bank.

**Item(s) selected are a representation of donation and gifts will be used as needed in our ever-changing work to meet the need in our communities.**

Fresh Produce

Price: $75.00

Canned Vegetables and Fruits

Price: $25.00

Canned Peas & Pinto Beans

Price: $25.00

Canned Peaches

Price: $40.00

Beef Stew

Price: $75.00

General Donation

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  • Help support our continued COVID-19 response

    We are striving to reach and feed as many households as possible during the pandemic. Your gift will immediately go to work to serve our neighbors in need.
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